We can consider these materials in 3 main groups as interior materials, exterior materials and roofing materials.

1: External Building Materials:
First, the exoskeleton fixed to the foundation is shaped. Then, the walls are turned with profile plates varying in thickness of 12-14 cm as exterior wall material. Then, respectively, the said profiles are covered with OSB. Then, in order to maintain the heat balance of the prefabricated building, heat plates are attached to the profiles. After applying a thin layer of plaster for painting, the process is completed by painting. Depending on demand, decorative applications can be made with materials such as brick pattern or wood coating on the exterior part. 2: Interior Building Materials: Types of Building Materials Used in Prefabricated House Construction We will first start our topic with interior insulation. Thermal insulation materials such as rock wool fiber are applied to the space between the inner panels and the outer panel. Optionally, moisture and vapor proof plates can be used. Then the interior wall panels are placed and the interior is made ready for paint or wallpaper. Optionally, the structure can be strengthened with fireproof or anti-fire coatings.

3: Roofing Material:
The procedures for the outer wall are applied in the same way for the ceiling. The only difference is that heat insulation is made more intensely between them. Then, after a few layers of water insulation is applied, the roof infrastructure processes are finished. Afterwards, the final shape of the roof is given with the materials to be used for the roof.

4: Other Materials:
These materials are non-prefabricated materials that are the same for every home. The construction of the house is completed with materials such as PVC windows, steel doors, cabinets and floors, marble and wet floors, and exterior garden and decoration materials. With the flooring and heating systems for the floors and the completion of the necessary legal procedures and subscriptions, the house becomes ready for use.

The procedures to be done after the ground and foundation of the house are prepared and the materials used in the construction of the prefabricated house are listed above.

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