Prefabricated houses are at the forefront of designs that have become popular in recent times. Prefabricated houses are structures that are resistant to earthquakes and other natural phenomena. Besides being economical and hygienic, it is convenient and comfortable. The aesthetic and durable designs will be delivered to you on a turnkey basis in just a week. They are portable designs due to their ease of installation. It has a light steel structure compared to concrete buildings, so it is resistant to hurricanes and earthquakes. It is used in many areas such as vineyards, residential buildings, community homes.

Outer wall: 10 cm, Inner wall: 10 cm, Roof covering: galvanized sheet, Metal Tiles (optional), roof tiles (optional) Outside door: steel door, Windows: lead-free PVC Electrical installation: recessed, Plumbing installation: under plaster.

Prices for prefabricated houses First of all, the house has a large entrance that leads from a 7 m2 veranda, especially for those who want to enjoy the summer days. The entrance hall provides a passage between all rooms in the house and the Cheap Panel House is taken into account.

The outer and inner panels are made of double-sided cemented chipboard with dimensions 8X1250X2500 mm. Rigid polystyrene foam with a density of 80 mm is used for thermal insulation between the panels. The thickness of the outer panel is 10 cm, the inner panel is 10 cm and the height is 250 cm. The heaviest part of the buildings made of solid wall panels, window wall panels, crossbars and wall panels (for 1 piece of external door panel 125x250 cm) is 114 kg.

A big house can be obtained in a short time thanks to the 75m2 single storey prefabricated house models, which have become a smart solution for those looking to have a large house in the modern fast growing prefab sector. These pre-fabricated houses with high quality heat and sound insulation, consist of four rooms and a hall. In addition, in these homes, which also have two parental bathrooms, each room remains wide, and ample living opportunities are created for each family member. It is a very good alternative for families who do not want to spend their lives in cramped conditions. The 75 m2 single storey prefabricated houses are not susceptible to moisture and invasion due to their design, and are also valued for the fact that the building material they produce does not use materials that could adversely affect health. These structures, which have an internal wall thickness of 10 cm and an external wall thickness of 10 cm, are as safe houses as reinforced concrete structures, as they are registered as earthquake resistant. Thanks to the solid construction, these houses can be comfortable to live for many years. When you choose the area you want to live in, prefabricated structures that allow your home to be a finished home in no later than 30 days. allows you to live. These structures, which provide you with solutions that will delight you with the price of prefabricated houses, are smart solutions because you can get them for less than precast structures. Single storey prefabricated houses, which can be manufactured in any area and size, are very useful structures due to the fact that unnecessary or necessary parts can be removed due to their modular structure and their heat and sound insulation is much higher than that of other structures. Prefabricated structures are manufactured for a wide range of uses, such as homes, social facilities, schools, construction sites, hospitals, campgrounds and swimming pools. ... Among the single storey prefabricated houses, the 76 m2 single storey prefab house model is one of the most preferred among many projects as it is useful and cheap.

Prefabricated houses are preferred by anyone looking to get their own home one day due to their fast construction and extremely solid construction. In the 78 m2 single storey prefab house model, the largest area is occupied by the 24 m2 hall. After the living room, two bedrooms are located among the large areas of the house. There is a kitchen and an entrance hall, which is larger than a kitchen, and a bathroom, as well as a very large veranda in the house.

78m2 single storey prefab houses called two rooms plus living room and very large rooms is the model that families of 3 or 4 may prefer. The minimum service life of prefabricated houses of this type is 40-70 years, depending on the material used in the production and the production technology. Cheap prefabricated houses are addressed to MGD GROUP





External and internal panels: Made of specially twisted stainless steel galvanized sheet and double-sided cemented chipboard (betopan) with dimensions 8X1250X2500 mm. Rigid polystyrene foam 18 with a density of 84 mm is used for thermal insulation between the panels. The thickness of the outer panel is 10 cm, the inner panel is 10 cm and the height is 250 cm.The heaviest part of the buildings of smooth wall panels, window wall panels, window wall panels and double-walled wall panels (for an external door panel 125x250 cm) is 114 kg.


DETAILS: Outer wall: 10 cm, Inner wall: 10 cm,

Green plasterboard in wet areas,

Roof covering: galvanized sheet, metal tiles (optional), roof tiles (optional)

Outer door: steel door,

Windows: lead-free PVC,

Electrical installation - under plaster,

Plumbing installation: under plaster,

Aesthetic betopan coatings for all angles ..


Panel connections: special U- and H-profiles, which are connecting elements, bent from stainless steel galvanized sheet metal and combined with a special clamping system. When a radius is formed at the edges, no rust remains after fogging.


Load-bearing structures: Trusses, beams and roof columns are made of specially bent galvanized sheet metal. Special shaped steel scissors are placed every 125 cm throughout the building, and specially shaped galvanized sheet purlins are placed on top of the scissors. Since the assembly uses bolts and nuts, the structure can be disassembled and installed many times and is manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility using a welded and bolted joint system.


Mid-level structures: The mezzanine structure is made of specially twisted stainless steel galvanized sheet in the form of a load-bearing cage. The intermediate floor is covered with 16 mm betopan. Glass wool 80 mm thick (14 kg / m3) was laid as heat and sound insulation on the suspended plasterboard ceiling, the load on the intermediate floor is 200 kg / m². Roofing system: 30% inclined cradles and hipped roof systems are used.


Roofing and insulation: A galvanized trapezoidal sheet without stainless paint (natural) is applied to metal purlins as a roof covering. In addition to the trapezoidal sheet painted in patterned tiles, which is optionally produced in our own factories, roof tiles and metal tiles can also be used. 20 cm around the building. There are culverts made of stainless steel galvanized sheet. The earthquake diagonals are placed on the roof made of galvanized steel with a special twist. Installed square gutters and PVC-based accessories. (Damage that may result from making a profit is not covered.)


Ceiling coverings: The ceiling coverings are 12 mm plasterboard. Glass wool 80 mm (14 kg / m3) with a thickness of 80 mm is laid on the plasterboard of the false ceiling as insulation (mineral wool on request). The ceiling connection is made of stainless steel galvanized sheet welded under the trusses by bending and crimping. Since curvatures occur at the edges of the sheet metal, rust does not occur as a result of perspiration. For an aesthetic look, a PVC coating is placed on the omega ceiling. Plasterboard fittings are made of electrostatic painted aluminum. Betopan board is used for covering wet areas.


Outer door: Made as a steel door with dimensions 90x200 cm. The outer doors use first class locks with TSE cylindrical certificate.


Interior doors: Interior doors are made of 80x200 stainless steel galvanized steel frame, white wooden American doors. Our customers prefer aluminum and PVC doors, and the interior doors use first class TSE certified locks.


Window frames: 120x100, 120x160 cm and 60x40 cm transoms are PVC-based material, TSE certified, premium PVC and 60 series. (Optionally, Betopane moldings can be installed around windows and transoms.


Insulating glass: all glasses are double glazed; It is produced in the form of 4 + 16 + 4 mm double-glazed windows and transom with frosted glass.


Note. When ordering, please specify the position and dimensions of doors and windows.


Stairs: Betopan (cement bonded particle board) 16 mm thick covered with a specially shaped steel frame made of box sections. The stair railings are made of box profiles. The metal parts of the stairs are painted with a two-layer primer and two-layer oil paint.


Exterior paint: Exterior metal surfaces are painted with two layers of primer and two layers of synthetic oil paint. The outer surfaces of Betopane panels are painted with outdoor acrylic paint. Mastic is applied to the joints of the outer walls, and first-class paints and varnishes with TSE certificate are used in our buildings.


Interior paint: Interior surfaces of Betopan panels and gypsum board surfaces are painted with plastic paint, and our buildings use first class TSE certified paints and varnishes.


Note: galvanized trusses, purlins, panel frame do not have cladding, as they use seamless technology.


Electrical installation: The electrical installation is routed above the panel with TSE certified class 1 cable. Uses a first class 32 amp TSE certified fuse. First-class simite fittings with TSE certificate are used for lighting. First class products with TSE certificate are used for switches and sockets. The electricity meter, earthing rod and external connections are made by the purchaser.


Note: Installation is flush.


Sanitary fittings: First class products with TSE certification are used for plumbing, washbasin and shower fittings. First-class PPRC TSE certified products are used for clean water pipes. First-class TSE certified PVC products are used for sewage pipes. The water meter and external connections are made by the buyer.


Foundation and concrete: The concrete must be poured according to the concreting plan (foundation dimensions) provided by Bulut Prefabrik. Concrete and surveying belong to the buyer. The building is anchored to a concrete base with anchors and steel dowels. A foundation for an iron raft or a steel mesh base should be prepared. The Customer is responsible for all earthworks.


Warranty Coverage: All our homes come with a three-year factory warranty against manufacturing and assembly defects.


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