The Word Container addresses many areas. For example; In the logistics field, the word container is called a box or box produced according to international standards to carry various goods, while in the prefabricated area, it is used as a house, office, cottage, buffet, dormitory, dining hall, warehouse, etc. Refers to such products.

Usage Areas of Containers:
Although containers are generally more demanded in construction sites and places such as vineyards and gardens, containers have the opportunity to be produced and prepared for every purpose.

Production Types:
Containers are generally produced as sheet metal, sandwich panel, but optional special production containers can also be made.

Sandwich Panel Containers:
Sandwich panel containers are classified as glass wool or polyurethane, and as the name suggests, the walls and roof are made of sandwich panels. Sandwich panel containers are a little more expensive in terms of construction, as well as provide better thermal insulation and sound insulation. In this type of containers, electricity and water installations are left open because they cannot be made through the wall.

Sheet Containers:
Sheet containers are a slightly more sophisticated system in terms of their structure, and this allows them to be produced in any way and to offer an option chart. In sheet metal containers, they are shaped with a trapezoidal mold of oven painted stainless sheets, the outer walls of the container are turned, insulation material is placed between the outer wall and the inner wall (styrofoam or glass wool), then the inner wall is tiled. Internal walls are made of plastic-based material called paneling as standard, but this material can be changed optionally and betopan, plasterboard, osb etc. It can be furnished with plates such as. Since these containers are a more puzzled system, electrical and water installations are made under plaster, ie inside the wall, and are hidden in a way that cannot be seen from the outside.

Special Production Containers:
These types of containers are produced completely in the shape and quality of the customer. Specially produced containers can offer the opportunity to use any material structurally, for example; If you want, you can have a completely wooden container made, if you want, you can furnish the inner walls with wooden patterned outer covering with plain material, siding, alikobant etc. You can make the outer coating with materials such as.

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